YourBodyCode™ Online

How much does it cost?

Your Body Code is a very personalized plan and has helped thousands of people not only lose unwanted fat and reshape their bodies by gaining muscle back, but mainly by regaining their health.

Below you have 2 options; while both are personalized, option 2 is very specific to every requirement needed and is monitored by a nutritionist who you will have contact with weekly by phone and e-mail.

Wellness Option 1:

Fat loss/muscle gain with basic health and wellness: $59.99 per month for a commitment of 3 months.

You may pay all three months in advance if you wish for a 10% discount on the total price. You will be billed monthly there after unless you wish to cancel. You may also prepay another 3 months at the same 10% discounted rate.

This plan not only addresses fat loss from 2 to 4 pounds each week and/or muscle gain, but will address basic health issues such as hi blood pressure, heart disease and hi cholesterol. The goal - lose your fat but gain your health at the same time. Most diet plans give everyone the same amount of calories with no concern of sodium levels, fat and protein balance and correct carbohydrate balance with nutrient. This will individually sort out your needs and produce a correct plan to fit your lifestyle.


Wellness Option 2:

Major wellness combined with fat loss or weight gain or a combination of all three components.

This plan is very specific to each individual, it offers not only menu plans with correct foods and analysis work up, but it gives you a weekly call in visit with a nutritionist to guide you every step of the way. In this plan we also discuss vitamins, minerals and medications you are taking. It will address such issues as assimilation with foods, digestive disorders, reflux, Candidiasis, fibromyalgia, cancers, chronic fatigue, gout, arthritis and much more. In addition if you have emotional issues with foods and want/need more individual attention than simply your fat loss plan - we can help with that. You will understand why you make the decisions you do and how to make different ones with no hunger or cravings. If you are trying to gain muscle mass and have specifics with workouts and supplements, we address that.

Our specific wellness plans start with a 3 month plan for $1199.00 - after 3 months you have two choices, you can bump back to option #1 and start paying $59.99 per month until you wish to cancel - this will no longer include weekly sessions with the nutritionist - you will however have full access to the on-line program as specified in option 1. If you wish to continue how you started, with the nutritionist and specifics, you can up-grade your plan for an additional 3 months for $575.00.

This plan is paid for up front either $1199.00 for 3 months or $1599.00 for 6 months. By skipping the up-grade at a later time and pre-paying you will receive a 15% discount for a $175.00 savings.


On-Line In-House Food Exchange Plan:


This allows you to graph and track all your foods while the computer keeps you in line by showing you correct foods to use for each group as well as amounts needed in each group. It will then calculate and add everything to keep you in your correct calorie amount daily and balance. You can also check weight and monitor and track your results personally for you.


Walk-in Services:

If you are planning to come into our Palm Springs or Palm Desert office we have plans ranging from $299.00 to 1900.00. This price is determined on the time you are coming in for and what your specific needs are. If you are able to come in to the office, we do offer a free 20 to 30 minute consultation at no obligation to you.