Inspiring YourBodyCode™ Success Stories!

Cecilia Pasos

Approximately two years ago I decided to go see Dr. Amanda Beckner as a last resort to resolve my plantar fasciitis, my diabetes, and many other concerns of mine.  I had been suffering from pain to the bottom of my right foot for over two years.  The pain had affected my everyday life.  I was unable to work, sleep and enjoy life without experiencing discomfort.  I had seen my primary doctor who referred me to an orthopedic doctor.  I was prescribed pain medicine and a splint to my foot to wear nightly; needless to say I felt fogged from the pain medicine and was unable to sleep restfully from the splint.

After multiple visits to my orthopedic doctor it was decided that there was nothing else that could be done.  I was told that I would, “Have to live with it.” For my diabetes, I chose not to take medication but needed to monitor my ups and down with sugar every day, unable to eat any fruit or sweets and that is when I decided to go see Amanda.

I sat down with Amanda and was amazed when she told me that she could resolve my pain, help me lose weight ( which had been a struggle my entire life), increase my energy and best of all fix my diabetes and introduce me to “A better life” for myself.

It has been over two years that I have been with Dr. Amanda Beckner at Your Body Code and following her program.  It has truly been a life changing experience for me.  Everything we had discussed in our first visit has come full circle for me.  I am in awe of how I am no longer in pain from plantar fasciitis, my diabetes is completely under control, I can eat sweets and fruits and I check my sugars only once a week, which are always in range at 80.  I am experiencing an enormous new found energy, sleeping well and like she said, “A better life”. 

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to her.  Amanda was able to change my entire life and I am but one of the many men and women I know she has helped!

Cecilia Pasos

Shannon Bedard

Shannon (left with her husband) was diagnosed with adrenal Cancer in 2001, after trying Chemotherapy and radiation treatments which did not work, the cancer then additionaly spread to her thyroid and right breast. She decided to do a completley holistic approach to healing on Your Body Code plan. Shannon still remains cancer free.

Mark Smith

Dear Amanda,
I wanted to thank you for your nutrition program that has got me started on a fit for life plan.  I started with you two months ago on a recommendation from a friend who had done your program.  I've been 20 to 30 pounds overweight for years and have always looked for the easy solution like Slim Fast, etc.  I had no idea the easy solution was with your plan.
I started your program weighing 200 pounds and a 15% body fat level.  Your program provided me with such vital education about eating the right foods and the size of portions to eat with each meal.  I was surprised when I got my first menu that I was eating six times a day.  I never thought of losing weight while eating chicken, fish and steak.
It did take some discipline on my part and the support of my wife to stay committed to the menus, but I viewed my visits with you like you were my accountability partner.  I felt I was paying for your expertise and if I didn't follow your plan we would be wasting each other's time.  Needless to say, I have up a few things (alcohol, soda) and followed your plan and the results were awesome.
I immediatly started losing weight (fat) and got my hydration level up.  I started eating vegetables and fruit daily and actually enjoyed it.  My wife like it because I suddenly became a part of the dinner process by helping in the kitchen to prepare dinner.
At the end of six weeks, I had reached my goal of 180 pounds and 10% body fat, but more importantly I have a plan to stay healthy for life.  I'm 40 years old now and I feel and look better now than when I was 25!  I have joined a gym (I waited for a change to see if I could lose the weight first) and I now have fitness goals, which I know are obtainable.
Thanks Amanda for the life-changing program!

Mark Smith


Kathy Cooper

Before and After
Initially I sought Amanda Beckner's help for weight control.  I was never terribly overweight, but have lost a very stubborn 12 pounds.  I quickly reached my perfect weight and with Amanda's guidance have learned the healthiest way to maintain it and now possess the control I always searched for.
Several years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, receiving treatments of a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation.  During this time Amanda 'went into action' and taught me how to avoid certain foods and consume the best food for my condition, supplying knowledge and hope to be as healthy as possible.  I feel my body is rebuilding, repairing and gaining strength each day.
My association with Amanda has changed my life; over the years I have realized the extent of her knowledge.  Many times she has amazed me with information not readily available.
Amanda, you're a lifesaver!  It's so nice to know you're always there for me.
Kathy Cooper
Cathedral City, CA

Ray and Marlene

Before and After
Unlike the DaVinci Code, YourBodyCode presents no mystery.  Under the guiding light and firm hand of Nutritionist Guru, Amanda Beckner, achieving and ideal weight and sense of well being is.. "DOABLE" ..And in our individual situation.. "DONE".
We have achieved the results we had hoped to accomplish (we have each lost 35 pounds), and it has raised our self esteem to new heights.  We now look in the mirror as we walk by, and like what we see.  We both feel 30 years younger, with the energy level to go along with it.  A sense of purpose and a commitment to the program is all Amanda asks; and personally speaking, it is well worth the effort... GO FOR IT!
Ray and Marlene

Joaquin Murguia

Dear Amanda,

It was with some hope that I came to Your Body Code to help solve my ongoing issue with weight management.  I was the typical diet, binge, diet, binge individual whose weight was constantly yo-yoing.

Upon meeting with you and hearing about Your Body Code, I was excited to begin the program and learn not only how my body metabolizes food, but also which foods help my body and which foods were not as beneficial for my body.  My biggest surprise is that contrary to diets, I could eat!

With your assistance, I learned to plan menus and how to shop for the items that I needed for my menu.  Although I had some reluctance with regard to "calorie counting: I found that the process was more about food choices rather than counting.

When I began your program, I weighed in excess of 240 pounds and barely fitting into size 42 jeans.  As I began to experience the benefits of the program I began steady weight loss that eventually resulted in my reaching 180 pounds and size 34 jeans!

I found that as long as I continued to follow the guidelines and principles I had learned from Your Body Code, I was able to maintain my weight, eat and not be hungry and enjoy the food I was eating rather than dreading the affect food would have on my waist line.

I appreciate the information and knowledge that you provided through the Your Body Code program.  I felt as though it was custom tailored to my needs, my body and the foods I enjoyed, except of course - you did make me eat my veggies!


Joaquin Murguia

Daniel A. Hansel

Before and After
I found myself almost unable to breathe while I put my socks on, and had a hard time getting out of a chair; I decided to do something about it!
Some of my fellow teachers were losing weight and I found out they were going to YourBodyCode.  I had known of YourBodyCode from when my ex-wife was going there, so I decided to give Amanda a call. She set an appointment and when I first went in she had me fill out all this paper work about what I liked and didn't like and what have I been eating and what types of exercise have I been doing and any medications I have been taking.  When I thought about what I was eating, I realized how poor my diet was.
I am also a diabetic and I was on two types of medication and two for high blood pressure.  I could hardly walk and definitely couldn't run.  I was working out at the gym four times a week.  After all the paper work, she weighed me and I weighed in at 260 pounds.  I'm 6'1" and people told me that I didn't look fat.  They must have been blind!  When I gave Amanda my before picture, there was no doubt that I was fat.  She then checked my body fat percent and I was 33% fat.  One third of me was fat.  I looked and felt horrible.  The results of the information I gave her was that I was not eating the things that help with metabolism.
Amanda gave me some menus for a week and told me to eat only what was on the menus and all of what was on the menus.  I was afraid that I would be hungry all the time, but was surprised when I wasn't.  I was also surprised when I lost 13 pounds the first two weeks.  I stuck to the plan and Amanda taught me how to eat healthy and how to use the conversion chart to make my own menus.  She also shared information about vitamins and healthy choices.  As I lost weight I felt better, had more energy and looked better. I began to run a little bit every week and in March 2005 I completed the L. A. Marathon!  Amanda helped me with that also in eating correctly while training for the run.
At the end of 6 months, I lost almost 60 pounds, and was at 18% body fat.  I have more work to do, but I know I can succeed.  I know what to do and I can do it any time.
I believed I was in better shape at 58 than I was at 28.  I have been taken off half my medications and the other half has been cut in half.  I smile more and I do more that makes me happier.  I can't say enough about how much YourBodyCode has done for me! It is now part of my life and I eat healthy most of the time now.  It is a life changing decision to eat healthy, and YourBodyCode makes making that decision easy.

Lisa Green

Before and After
I have worked with Amanda at Your Body Code on three separate occasions.  The first was in 1998.  Two years earlier I found out that I had food allergies.  I was allergic to dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, rye, wheat and garlic.
This was quite a shock to me and I was overwhelmed at finding foods that I could eat. After trying to figure everything out on my own, plus getting married in the process, I gained weight.  I was about to give up when my doctor
recommended I talk to Amanda at Your Body Code.  I was unsure at first about doing the program because I was in Texas and Amanda was in California.  But, she assured me that we would communicate by phone and fax and walk me
through the menus.

I did it, and lost 20 pounds!  I was amazed at the yummy foods that I could eat!  Amanda filled my menus with foods that kept me satisfied and looking forward to the next new food that she would introduce me to.
Plus, the meal portions were perfect and it kept my blood sugar stable since I also had severe hypoglycemia.  I enjoyed trying recipes from Amanda's recipe book and was glad that my husband (who doesn't have any food allergies) likes the foods that I cooked.  I finally began to feel like I could eat things that were good and good for me!

The other two occasions that I worked with Amanda dealt with the weight I gained during pregnancy and weight loss after pregnancy.  I worked with Amanda while I was pregnant with my daughter in 2001.  I was eating all the time, and I was starting to eat things that I was allergic to.  Amanda put together some menus for me that were healthy and good for me during my pregnancy.  The other time I worked with Amanda was after the birth of my son in 2004.  I had gained 56 pounds during this pregnancy and was anxious to lose the weight.  I had acquired tremendous back pain due to the weight gain.  Amanda reassessed my caloric needs and again introduced me to food combinations that I wasn't
exposed to previously.  Every menu kept me interested in continuing and satisfied.  I noticed that when I followed the menus, she would have the days "balanced" and I didn't crave sweets.  I felt great and ecstatic that the
weight kept coming off! I lost all the weight I gained, and at the end of my session my weight was 10 pounds less that it was before I was pregnant. Yippee!!

Thanks so much Amanda!! You are the best!

Lisa Green

Sally Morton

Before and After
In October 2003, under a doctor's care for high blood pressure, it was recommended that I loose a considerable amount of weight and begin a regular program of exercise.  Having been on the yo-yo circuit for years with no positive results, I took the recommendation of a friend to heart and put myself under the direction of Amanda Beckner.  It was the best decision that I could have made.  By March, 2004 I was no longer on blood pressure medicine and, having dropped more than half the desired weight, I was able to begin a work-out program at a gym.  Folks say that I look great!  The weight loss was generalized over my entire body.  But, for me the most important benefit lies in the fact that, as a senior citizen, I feel fantastic!  With more energy than I've had in decades, it is now possible to challenge things that I once thought had passed me by.


I would like to take this opportunity to say if you are looking at this online program and wondering if it works, well IT DOES!!!  If you are wondering if it is worth the money absolutely!!
There are many programs online now days that will claim that you will lose weight, the program is nutritionally balanced, and designed to keep it the weight off (which is the over all goal and biggest flaw with the other programs), I have to tell you this program has all those and MORE.
The results that I have gotten from this program have been incredible to say the least. I am never hungry, I eat the food that I originally chose from the program questionnaire. It has been an exciting journey.  The rewards being on this program are many levels deep.  I currently have lost 40 pounds (working to lose another 10 pounds) which I have never been able to lose AND keep it off.  I am doing a great job at both.  You will not only lose weight but also lose body fat and gain great muscle tone.
If you are still hesitant you can contact Amanda and she can forward your phone number to me.  I would be willing to chat with you regarding the program.
The only other thing I can say to you is just DO IT!!!!

Lisa Barbato

Before and After
When I started with Amanda at Your Body Code, it was in total frustration of weighing 160 pounds for 8 years! After the birth of my twins I tried many diets, but nothing worked. I was tired and my energy was not where I needed it to be. In four months of being with Amanda and her program, I had lost 30 pounds. In total I went from a size 16 to a size 4. My energy increased a lot, I liked the way I looked in and out of cloths again and the best part is that she taught me to "eat for life". I have maintained my weight for the last 3 years.
Thank you Amanda!

Muscular Dystrophy Association

Dear Ms. Beckner:
Thank you for being a "jailbird" and going behind bars for good at the Palm Desert Executive Lock-Up.  We truly appreciate all your time and effort to help "Jerry's Kids" raising $62,037!  Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, "People acting together as a group can accomplish things which no individual acting alone could ever hope to bring about." You and the other members of the Palm Desert community have certainly shown that to be true.
Together, the big-hearted "felons" in your community raised more than $62,000 in just one day!  You have truly made a difference in the lives of local families struggling with the effects of muscle disease.  You have helped MDA fund research grants at the Loma Linda University Medical Center, continue services and vital treatments, purchase and repair wheelchairs and braces, and send many of "Jerry's Kids" to camp this summer.
On behalf of the more than 900 local families we serve, thanks again for caring enough to help the Muscular Dystrophy Association in the battle against muscle disease.
Jennifer Markham
Program Coordinator

Kevin McCarthy

Before and After
Dear Amanda,
It is with my sincerest appreciation I write this letter.  I lead an active lifestyle but have struggled with being overweight most of my adult life.  Turning 40 years old, I began to worry about my health.  Before we me, my diet consisted of ten to twelve cokes a day along with a variety of high fat foods.  My weight hovered between 225 lbs and 230 lbs with 32.5% body fat.  My pants size was a tight 38" because I couldn't bring myself to by 40"s.  My blood pressure was high at 140 over 105 and cholesterol was 236.  I remember your unbelievable surprise when you first evaluated my diet (our second meeting).  I think you asked if I wanted to lie down.
Not knowing what would happen, I followed your nutrition plan very carefully.  At first I didn't think it would work because I was eating six times a day and more food than ever before.  I was full all the time.  I shopped for myself and gained the knowledge I needed to make the right food buying decisions.  Our discussions about nutrition have been insightful and easily implemented.  The training sessions we had on reading labels were awesome and allowed me to decipher the nutritional content in foods for myself.  With a beautiful wife and two small babies at home, I worked out when I could but no matter what I stuck to the nutrition plan.
It's been a little over five months since I've started the plan.  Today I weigh 176 lbs with 15% body fat.  My new 32" waist is smaller than it was in high school and a 30" waist may be around the corner!  My blood pressure is now 105 over 62 and my cholesterol is 142.  I feel healthier and stronger.  I have improved energy and vitality.  I love getting out of bed and going for a bike ride or taking my sons to the park.  My newly learned eating habits are reflected in my children's eating habits as well.
My experience with you is remarkable.  The reality is you have given my so much more than a dietary plan.  This transition and the process itself have made me a better person.  My new found health has given me a revitalized life with my wife and kids.  My sense of personal accomplishment and enrichment is life changing.  I now feel I can accomplish any goal and overcome any obstacle.  Thank you so much!  The dramatic impact you have had on my life is a true life changing experience.
Submitted Respectfully,
Kevin McCarthy

Annette Harvey

I am Annette Harvey from Banning, California, and unfortunately, last year, May 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage three (four stages altogether) by my referred surgeon.  After hearing this, I had to decide whether or not to go through surgery, chemotherapy, followed by radiation therapy.  I knew already what my decision was going to be.  All the while, I refused to let fear enter my mind although I knew this could be a matter of life or death.  The good news was that I knew I had a "choice" and I told myself "this is my body, and I will get my body to heal naturally".

I started researching my own organic diet and read books on holistic healings and cancer diets.  I attended cooking classes and stayed away from red meat, all dairy products and sugar of any kind as I learned that sugar feeds cancer cells.  I started doing some juicing and ate an abundance of green vegetables.  I was doing this for about a month when one day I got a phone call from a close friend of mine who knew about my cancer diagnosis.   She reached out to help me and gave me the name of a homeopathic doctor, Dr. Amanda Beckner, who had helped her through a serious problem.  I proceeded to follow up and made an appointment.  I had the privilege of speaking directly with Dr. Amanda Beckner on the phone.  She gave me a short consultation and laid out exactly what I would be doing under her supervision.  I felt very comfortable just speaking to her and hearing her calm voice with her message of encouragement and support.  I began her program in July of 2008.  She placed me on a very strict cancer diet and exercise regime.  This diet was tailored directly to my own personal cancer situation.  It consisted of lots of juicing, raw vegetables, protein drinks, salads, nuts, and certain breads and cereals.  It was all very healthy and excluded many food items I would never had connected to "feeding" my cancer.  I continued with this for three months.  After I had finished the program with Dr. Amanda, I continued the diet and was determined to get myself well.  I stayed close to the diet and continued to keep my doctor-directed exercise program.  I neglected to mention earlier in this testimony that I was also, at the time, a type 2 diabetic for 11 years.  I took pills every day and also had glaucoma for 11 years.  In December of 2008, I went to see my medical doctor for lab work updates and to have her give me a new physical checkup.  She was amazed at how healthy I looked.  I went from 118 lbs to 97 lbs, from a size 10 to a size 4 and I am only 5' tall and 73 years old.  I told her I had chosen to go the "alternative healing" route and she agreed with me and said to continue what I was doing because it was working.  My medical doctor sent me for another catscan in January 2009.  I received a call two weeks later from my medical doctor and she said all my lab work came back excellent, normal.  I no longer had diabetes it was reversed!  She also, in comparison with my past chart, said this was the healthiest I had ever been.   Then the good news was that my cancer was in total remission!  It had not spread throughout any other part of my body and she congratulated me on my choice of going the alternative health route.  In March of 2009, I went in for an eye appointment for my glaucoma.  To my amazement, my eye pressure was back to normal, in fact, better than normal and my glaucoma was also reversed!  

I feel very energetic all the time, I sleep well, and now, I am helping others get through their cancer illness.  I thank God every day for my healing and for Dr. Amanda.  I am blessed in so many ways and have traveled through an amazing journey with absolutely no fear, no depression, and always knew that Dr. Amanda, with the Lord's help, was going to save me so that I could help others.  This is my testimony and I am happy to share this with everyone.  I hope this will help other women to know that we do have doctors like Dr Amanda who are here to help us with not only conventional medical knowledge, but also with serious faith in natural, holistic, alternative choices.

Because of my holistic approach, the cancer cells are not likely to come back as is common with the typical medical radiation approach

My prayers are to all of you for trusting and knowing you too can heal your body, naturally.

Leading Health Professionals of the World

Dear Ms. Beckner:
You are to be congratulated.  Many thousands of biographies from a wide variety of sources are investigated by the Research and Editorial Departments of the International Biographical Center each year for inclusion in our renowned reference books and for consideration for our Awards Program.  A select few are those of individuals who, in our belief, have made a significant enough contribution in their field to engender influence on a local, national and international basis.  You are one of these contributors to excellence.  You have, through your constant efforts, maintained a standard worth rewarding.  Therefore, as a noted and eminent professional in the health profession you have now been considered
and nominated for recognition by the IBC. Ratification of this nomination by the Awards Board is now complete and it is therefore my great honor to name you as an inaugural member of the IBC.
As holder of this distinction, you can be assured of your place in our history and be gratified that your work has not only been noticed but recognized as outstanding.  In any one year few of the world's foremost health professionals, both the famous and the uncelebrated, from all disciplines will be able to populate this exclusive list.  These are people whose daily work makes a difference - not just those who populate the headlines.  It is henceforth decreed that you should be on this list for 2006 but as bearer of this honor you will be recorded for perpetuity in the halls of the International Biographical Center - I trust you will be proud to know your name is to take its rightful place.
I am very pleased to be able to bring you this news and hope you feel proud of the influence you have on your colleagues and friends.  It is only left for me to offer my sincere congratulations.
Nicholas S. Law
Director General

Sheri Beasley

Before and After
In 1977 I had thyroid cancer at the age of 21 and ever since then my weight has been a challenge.  I've done different things and at one point kept the weight off for about four years, but then gained after my mother passed away in November of 1991.  I love to eat so dieting can be a real challenge!  While working in public administration in Palm Springs, my husband told me about Amanda Beckner from Your Body Code that he had met while having a chelation treatment at a clinic and he gave me her business card.  Some time later, I thought I might as well check it out as I was over 200 pounds and growing.  My height is 5'6".  I just did not feel my best and hated the size 18 plus clothes I had to wear.  My husband even surprised me in February 2001 with a larger size anniversary ring to celebrate our 21st, since I could no longer wear my wedding ring due to the weight I had gained in recent years.
Amanda's program was based on foods that I liked and the menus were customized just for me.  I found when using the menus that I was simply not hungry, and since I ate every three hours it was just a few weeks before my metabolism kicked in and the pounds started coming off!  Friends and family noted the difference in my looks as well as energy that I had in the ensuing months of losing the weight.  I was feeling fantastic!  And looking great!  My wedding ring fit again and the anniversary ring is now worn proudly on my left hand.  My weight had come down to 145 pounds and I still have a few more pounds to lose to reach my ideal body fat goal of 20%.  The customized menus I have from the YourBodyCode ™ program are kept on my kitchen counter, and as one person told me, they are "gold".  If you follow the program, you will succeed!
Another amazing thing that I learned from Amanda at YourBodyCode™ was that I had been eating foods that would be healthy for other people (broccoli, spinach, brussels sprouts, peaches, pears, etc.) but since I did not have a thyroid these foods cause me to gain fat!  There are three things I have to eat weekly to help my metabolism since I don't have a thyroid and that is to eat fresh or non-sulfured dried apricots, eggs several times a week, and black strap molasses.  Over time Amanda has taught me a lot about nutrition including how to eat healthy.  When I have had some other various medical conditions over time, Amanda at YourBodyCode™ has also been there to help me deal with the issues through proper nutrition to make further improvements in my health; including lowering my cholesterol which my primary physician said was dramatic!
I've definitely been a challenge for Amanda, as I have gone off the plan at times and had dietary indiscretions, as well as become more sedentary working at home over the past two years as an online professor.  There have been ups and downs along the way, and I have made my choices - but I have not given up and neither has she!  In this coming year I plan to obtain my ideal weight and maintain it as I have been close to the goal but still need to achieve it.

Heidi Fulford

Before and After
Your treated me in Palm Desert in the Summer of 2004.  Nick and I moved back to Europe in January and are now living in Spain.  Your program was amazing! I still follow it and have dropped from a size 31 in jeans to a 26!  All my friends back in England cannot believe how skinny I am now!  Charna and Sandy came to visit us in the summer and Charna was very jealous about the new skinny Heidi!
Thank you so much for all your help.
Heidi Fulford

Eleanor Schmidt

Dear Amanda,
I cannot thank you enough for helping to perform a miracle.  The miracle was losing all those extra pounds and helping me to drop two dress sizes.
I used to hate clothes shopping and looking at myself in the mirror.  I would just go "Ugh!" Finding clothes that fit and I liked was an impossible task.  I have you to thank for making me feel good about myself.  I can't tell you the number of people who have complimented me on my appearance.
Eternally grateful,
Eleanore Schmidt

Sara Ljungkull

Before and After
I grew up in a home where my father was diabetic and so was my brother.  The May Clinic wanted to use my extended family as research for the study of diabetes because it is so prevalent in my family.  My father died at the young age of 36, related to the disease and my brother was diagnosed with it at age fourteen.  Because of this disease, I was raised with a special diet of no sugar, pies instead of cakes, little candy, no soda and balanced meals.  My entire life I had been thin and slender.  Often, because I am 5'11" and weighed 145 pounds - 155 pounds, people said I should have been a model.  I was used to being attractive and being responded to as an attractive person.
I began my child bearing years late.  I had my first son at age 32 and quickly lost the 55 pounds I had gained.  My next son was born when I was 40, but I had three miscarriages before his birth.  It was a difficult birth and he was born with Ataxic Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy.  My body was worn down and I had gestational diabetes with the pregnancy.  I gained 55 to 60 pounds and only lost 45 pounds.  Then I had another son at age 42 and again gained weight.  I was at 175 pounds and holding.  I went through a divorce and began to gain more weight until I hit 192 pounds.  No one was telling me I should be a model and no one was responding to me the way they did when I was thin.  I couldn't understand it.
The weight was an embarrassment for me and made me not want to leave my home.  I was raised to make fun of heavy people and take pride in being thin.  Now I was on the opposite side of the coin.  I would see pictures of me and not believe what I saw; I was sure the camera was lying.  It effected my happiness, self-esteem and health.  It was a daily struggle for me to lose any weight, which I didn't.  I do not believe in fad diets because of my background in nutrition from my upbringing, so I kept trying to do it on my own but continually failed.  I knew I needed to see a nutritionist but couldn't afford one.
Then my finances changed and a friend of mine bragged about a nutritionist she and her husband had been seeing.  She looked great!  I've known her for 17 years and she looked healthy, slim and was full of energy!  I wanted some of that.  I made an appointment with Amanda at YourBodyCode and began the program in November of 2004.  By spring, people were telling me I looked great and two weeks ago someone asked me if I was a model! I love going out again and my confidence is back. I feel attractive and healthy.  So far I've lost between 44 and 50 pounds.  The program is a life choice.  I eat 5 to 6 times a day, healthy choices that are custom fit to my body.  Amanda began with a screening to determine where I was deficient, how much fat I had and where I should be at to become healthy.  Then she gave me a two week menu that began to change my mind-set from "EAT" to, "What am I eating? How much fat is in it? How does it balance with everything else I've had today, and what portion of the food am I eating?"
The concept is simple: we need to eat a certain number of servings of grains, vegetables, fruits and dairy every day.  I do my best to stay within that realm and my body doesn't crave for food.  It is nourished and satisfied.  I'm healthier than I have ever been.  Now I find people saying, "You're so thin, are you OK?" When in fact I was the most unhealthy when I was heavy.
YourBodyCode works!  Now I go to Amanda on a monthly basis as a "check-up" to make sure I don't fall off the wagon again.
My body has never been happier.


Dearest Amanda,
Thank you again for all you've done.  I feel so very blessed to have been guided to you.  You are a real angel - my 6 ft. from God.  Your compassion shows what a truly beautiful soul you are - inside and out.
May the Holiday Season bless you and your loved ones with love, happiness and perfect health.
All my love,

Women and Heart Disease Conference

Before and After
Dear Amanda,
As conference chairperson I want to personally thank you for participating as a workshop speaker at the American Heart Associations First Annual Women and Heart Disease Conference.  Amanda, when you agreed to take on this speaking engagement you knowingly chose to take time away from your busy practice and other commitments to prepare for and then present your workshop on "Eating Right and Getting Fit" that was so well received.  I want you to know that you received the highest of marks for your presentation on the evaluation forms from those attending your workshops, both from local valley women as well as student nurses from the College of the Desert.
Additionally, the health information and risk factor booth you and your staff provided that included precise body fat testing was an important component of our health fair.  My committee joins me in thanking you for your generosity and professionalism.
My words of thanks do not begin to express my deep appreciation for what you did to educate and enlighten women regarding important health issues they can positively deal with that are tied to their risk of cardiovascular disease.  I hope you will consider a return engagement in the future.
With heartfelt thanks,
Susan Tamsky
Women and Heart Disease Conference

Desert Water Agency

Dear Amanda,
Thank you again for speaking to our employees on the subject of nutrition.
You did cover a lot material during the hour, but I think everyone came away with understand the key points, and employee interest levels remained high throughout the meeting.
Your talk tied very well to our goal of promoting safety in our workplace.  Certainly proper diet, combined with an overall wellness program, affects work performance in both the short and long-term.
Mike F. Bergan
Administrative Services Officer

Tom L. Caress

Before and After
Let me tell a short story about my life in the fat lane.  I played football and lettered 3 years in tennis during high school.  In college, I played golf. In high school I weighed 235 pounds and was in great shape, running each day and working out.  I was drafted into the Vietnam War at the age of 19.  The army wanted us in great shape.  It began with boot camp, which consisted of running 5-10 miles a day in full army pack and doing constant exercises.  I left boot camp in the best shape of my life at 235 pounds.
After the Army I went about going to college.  My weight started to creep up about 5 pounds a year.  I went on a diet when I was 25 to lose 40 pounds by seeing a diet doctor.  I played tennis 4-5 times a week until I was 35.  My weight average between 250-260 pounds during that period.  I started working for Toshiba America managing the Western Region of the US selling computer products.  Business was quite good and I traveled a lot, which meant I was constantly eating out.  Besides actually being away from the kitchen at home; part of my job description/requirement was to take my customers to the best eating establishments for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Our business was growing along with my waist line.  By 1998 I weighed 330 pounds!
In 1998 I went to the University of Irvine outpatient clinic and they put me on a liquid diet.  In 180 days I lost 90 pounds.  I looked great and weighed in at 240 pounds.  But I could not keep the weight off.  I tried increasing my exercise time by 2x, then 3x but I still gradually gained.  In 1992 I was introduced to the book, "Carbohydrates Addicts Diet." The description in the book fit me to a "T".  If I saw a plate of chocolate chip cookies, I wasn't happy until the plate of cookies was gone.  At a restaurant when they brought out a loaf of hot bread, I would eat until it was gone.  If they brought another, I would eat that also.  I also started drinking diet coke, first a few then up to 10+ a day. On this carbohydrate addicts diet I started eating more protein on a daily basis.  I lost 30 pounds immediately.  The interesting fact was that I was able to keep the weight off as long as I did not eat any carbohydrates which seemed impossible in my line of work.  I moved to Orlando, FL. in the computer business managing DPT's international business and traveling extensively.  Before I knew it I was back up to 320 pounds.
Then, I discovered Dr. Atkins plan in 1998.  I immediately lost 30 pounds and I was able to get to about 275 pounds and stay even while traveling the world eating the best foods of Italy, Germany, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Singapore, Korea and China.  My company was bought out by Adaptec, a Fortune 500 Company, who asked me to move to Belgium and run EMEA for them.  The first four months I moved to Belgium I was living in a hotel and eating out all the time.  I found a tasty dessert called a Dame Blanche (the white lady), vanilla bean ice cream, warm Belgium chocolate, nuts, whip cream and a cherry on top. I gained 30 pounds in 90 days!
After 3 years I moved back to Bermuda Dunes, California and started my own business of being a computer parts broker.  I was able to eat at home and focus more on the Atkins, high protein, and low carb diet.  I was able to get down to 280, but that was it.  The more I traveled, the more my weight would inch back up towards 320.
The defining moment in my fight against weight control came when a friend of mine who had been on the Atkins diet with me for a year, had gone to see Amanda at YourBodyCode.  He had been going to her for 6 months and lost 40 pounds.  I told him I could not eat a low fat diet every meal and be happy.  I was eating meat 3-5 times a day.  If I was hungry I would fry up some bacon or eat a sausage.  I had brushed off his idea.  Three months later he was up to 60+ pounds of weight loss.  He begged me to see her.  Finally I agreed.  When I went to Amanda, I told her you have 90 days to convince me or I am out of here.  Well, it has been close to 18 months.  I have lost close to 90 pounds.  I am down to 235, past my personal goal. I eat 6 times a day and I am never hungry.  People who have not seen me in a while ask, "What kind of diet are you on?!" I tell them, I am NOT on a diet; I have changed my life style.  Many people have asked me for Amanda's phone number and almost all have had success.  I walk 3-5 times a week and I am convinced that Amanda's formula is a true principal and anyone can be in control of their weight and life.  I have gone from 49% body fat to 20% body fat.  I am convinced and KNOW that I will live like this the rest of my days on the mortal earth.  My personal doctor is amazed at my progress and change!
The phenomenal thing is I am very happy eating the foods I am eating.  When I first went to see Amanda she gave me a lengthy questionnaire asking me what I like to eat.  She structured what I need to eat around the foods that I liked and would eat.  The plan is very, and I mean VERY, personal.  I have gone from an XXL pushing XXXL to a large golf shirt.  Even my feet are smaller.  My right knee use to ache each evening, now I almost never have pain.  This has kept me from having to have a knee operation.  I very definitely have extended my life.  My cholesterol is 111!  I eat red meat only once every other month.  I really don't desire it.  I never have heartburn, stomach aches or pains and I never feel uncomfortable because I have overeaten. I never feel deprived or that I am missing out on something.  Life is GOOD and getting BETTER at 58 years of age.