Amanda Beckner

Founder of YourBodyCode™

I was born in England, my family moved to the United States when I was four. I have one brother almost nine years older than I. My parents just celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary and fortunately we are all very close. I have a Son - 15 who is quite the little man and wise beyond his years.

At age 15 I had a friend that died of Anorexia, I needed to understand why and how she died - I began taking classes in nutrition and studied eating disorders. The more I learned the more I needed to know. All through high school and college this remained a passion. I attended the Blue Heron Academy of Healing Arts and Sciences where I received my degree as a certified nutritionist. I also attended the California College of Natural Medicine (CCNM) where I received my Holistic Health Practitioner degree and certification in Neuro Physical Reprogramming (NPR). Before this I attended schools in England for a number of years. I furthered my education by attending the University of Natural Health where I received my Masters of Science in Nutrition, and PhD in Holistic Nutrition.

I was working as a nutritionist/dietitian for a company called Fit & Fat Free which offered personalized counseling of clients, planning menus and sales. I bought the company in 1992 and changed the name to Your Body Code.

At present, Your Body Code has two locations Palm Springs and Palm Desert. The computer program was redesigned allowing me to completely view all vitamins, minerals and trace minerals - this in turn allowed me to personalize each menu and custom design it to my client's lifestyle, medical needs and weight issues. For years I have offered personalized consultation each week consisting of hour and half hour consultation appointments. Clients receive personalized menu plans, analyses, dietary information, body fat testing and psychological work when necessary. We have proceeded to grow to a client base of several thousand clients and many being not only out of state, but out of the country.

Your Body Code has not had the need for advertisement as we base our success on a 90% referral system. We are now at a point of major growth and where through the capable hands of honest and ingenious computer programmers - Your Body Code can offer an on-line program that matches everything but sitting face to face with me personally.

On Closing - This program has been my baby for almost 18 years; I believe the length of time it has taken to reach this point was simply because I was not willing to sell out. I truly wanted a program on the market that would work, was not gimmick based or money driven - but driven by the desire to truly help people reach their goal and receive their health back. I cannot tell you how rewarding it is to have a client come to me in tears and say "this really worked for me", "this program changed my life, it gave me my life back". To see the change with fat loss not only in their bodies but in their spirit, to see the color in their skin come back, pain and swelling go away because they were able to free themselves of medications that were treating a symptom and not a problem. High energy returns and so does self esteem.

I have had much loss in my life, although I would not have wished a lot of what I have gone through in my life on anyone, I am thankful I did. I feel I have become a much stronger person, more empathetic and patient. Through this I have been able to give much more detail and personal attention to each client. I think I am in the exact place I need to be and thank God everyday for the treasures in my life, my family, friends, clients, associates and mostly - my health. After all, nothing else can be maintained without it.

Enjoy this program! please send us your testimonials with your success stories in gaining back your body and your health.