The most effective way to lose weight and gain your health! is an online diet and nutrition program that is customized to each individual to enable to you to lose weight, gain your health and build healthy muscle all while actually enjoying what you eat.

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Healthy Recipes
Ultimate Meal Shake

Try this great tasting smoothie; your mouth will thank you!1/3 cup ultimate meal1 tablespoon almond butter – creamy raw3 ounce...

The Book

The No Gimmick, Personalized Plan to Your Health, Fat loss and Wellness - The last diet - or lifestyle change you will ever need to keep the results for life.

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YBC Blog

RAW or COOKED food

RAW or COOKED food What does it mean to eat “Raw” and what are the benefits verses “cooked”?  Eating raw means our food is not cooked over 116 degrees.  When we cook our foods over 116 degrees we create the enzymes’ that are most ben...

Victory Stories

Cecilia Pasos

Approximately two years ago I decided to go see Dr. Amanda Beckn...

Shannon Bedard

Shannon (left with her husband) was diagnosed with adrenal Cance...

DNA-Diet Nutrition & Attitude™

Your Body Code is a personalized nutrition, fitness and wellness program that is tailor made for the client to give you your individual code to burning fat, gaining muscle and re-gaining back your health. continue reading

Dr. Amanda Beckner

I have spent the last 20 years restoring health and wellness to thousands of people using common sense and scientific nutritional methodology!