YourBodyCode: Personalized Nutrition Wellness Program

YourBodyCode Book

For the last twenty years, Dr. Amanda Beckner has been decoding the unique language of our bodies. She has amassed volumes of research on the interactions between diet, nutrition and attitude. In the course of her work, she has helped thousands of clients fight off the debilitating effects of diabetes, cancer and other diseases. Many of her clients have even reversed the course of existing illness. Her book, Your Body Code: Personal Nutrition Wellness Program, is a compilation of this exhaustive work.

Most "diet' programs do little more than achieve a quick weight loss that most people gain back as soon as they finish the program. Few programs center their attention on the vital changes in lifestyle attitude (i.e., changing what we eat and daily activity) that Dr. Beckner and other wellness experts agree are necessary for sustained weight loss and increased wellness. Dr. Beckner's YourBodyCode program adds focus on the dietary and nutritional forces outside the body that can influence the way genetic DNA acts inside the body. She redefines the well-known acronym "DNA" as Diet, Nutrition and Attitude as three key components in her program to achieve three main wellness goals: gain muscle mass, lose excess body fat weight, and augment our body's natural ability to repair damage and fight the genetic traits that lead to disease.

YourBodyCode explores Beckner's personal experiences, discoveries and her distinctive insights on better health and longevity. Readers will find descriptions of vitamins, minerals and the common imbalances that could affect health and wellness. The book contains 11, seven-day menus that address a variety of disease and health conditions along with a cookbook with more than 50 'chef-tested' healthy recipes. The book includes more than 40 client testimonials and personal stories designed to inspire readers to take control of their wellness outcomes. The greatest surprise that most readers will find is in realizing how much control they really have over disease.

A related segment from her book:

No matter what type of disease trait you have, there is only a 25% chance for a positive disease outcome. Why? Because nearly ALL human disease is recessive. In other words, just because both of your parents have had a disease (e.g., diabetes, coronary heart disease, cancer) does not mean that you are destined to get them. I'll get into recessive and dominant traits a bit later, suffice to say this is a bit of awfully good news, don't you think?

What does this mean to you? That you have a positive outcome of a 75% chance of staying well and not developing your hereditary disease factor. Let's say we're talking in terms of chances, so perhaps it would be helpful to use the example of a game of poker. The element of chance is the pull of a card, but it's how you play the cards that matters most. Therefore, it's what you do with the skill part that matters most. In the case of your inherited disease traits - the odds are actually stacked in your favor, or in gambling parlance, the house is on your side. It is like holding all the aces.

The key is exerting what control you have over disease outcomes by gaming the odds against getting the disease in the first place. You can do this by taking advantage of all the things that contributed to the 75% chance that YOU WILL NOT get the disease...

You can take advantage of your body's natural ability to regenerate itself. As we age, our cells slough off and die. In seven years, most of the cells in our bodies are replaced using our built-in genetic 'recording' - our inheritance from our parents and ancestors. During the rebuilding process, the body also uses its reserve of proteins, nutrients and vitamins to build the replacement cells. If the process is left alone, medical problems may surface that have a direct relationship to your genetic heritage and the way you have lived your life.

However, unlike your ancestors or other family members, you change your dietary habits and live a life with less stress, plenty of exercise, sunshine and fresh air. The result is that you will challenge that genetic trait and forestall the outcome because you did not leave that vital 75% to mere chance. More than twenty years of experience has shown me that not only do you have the ability to stop and reverse many diseases, you may fix problems entirely and make all of your symptoms disappear.