Why Choose YourBodyCode™

What's the difference?

Your Body Code is a personalized nutrition, fitness and wellness program that is tailor made for the client to give you your individual code to burning fat, gaining muscle and re-gaining back your health.

Computerized analysis of your current diet allows us to see all of your nutrient deficiencies and excesses. From that point we build a personalized menu plan according to your likes, dislikes lifestyle and needs.

Most diets offered today are gimmick oriented, packaged boxed foods and chemically altered food, high in preservatives and sodium to keep it shelf stable. They are not personalized and do not teach you how and what to eat, how to travel, dine out or address a wellness concern or health condition with correct foods to fix the problem.

Most diets offer a band aid to fix a symptom but the problem remains, it just festers and gets worse. Your body code fixes the problem so the symptoms go away and gives you a personal code to burn fat at a rate of 3 to 4 pounds every week, gain muscle, gain back your health and maintain the results without deprivation & frustration for a lifetime.

Because your personalized nutrition plan is personally designed for you, you will experience no cravings, no hunger and the fat pounds will melt away, leaving you healthy, happy and feeling great. I have yet to have a client walk through my doors in over 20 years that has not been able to get off of all or most of their medication.