5 steps to avoiding dehydration this summer

Working out, summer heat and cramping - 5 steps to avoiding the issue

1.  Avoid dehydration which can prompt leg cramps - drink 64 ounces of water a day - more if your working out in the heat.  Remember your body can handle 15 liters of fluid per day - it is drinking too much too fast that creates an issue.

2.  Take 99mg of potassium before and after a hard workout in the heat.  This helps your body replenish from sweating and keeps the cramps at bay.

3.  Disrupt the spasm before it starts - "stretch" before and after a workout 5 to 10 minuets.  This will help the muscle to avoid restriction and contraction with pain.

4.  Do not drink caffeine or alcohol the night before or the morning of an aerobic work out - you will feel like you have lead feet and or dehydrate quickly especially during a hike. 

5.  If you are planning a heavy out door hike or bike ride take "pedialyte"  - the best drink to keep your electrolytes in check and if your were severely dehydrated - the drink that can save your life.

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