Amanda Beckner PhD

10 NATURAL ANTI-BIOTICS - that work:

1/2) Garlic & Olive Leaf together make a natural antibiotic that can kill bacterial if caught early. It is also helpful for Candida and enhancing the immune system.


3.) Oil of Oregano - can destroy pathogenic bacteria without killing off beneficial bacteria - it can also kill parasites in the gut.


4.) Colloidal Silver - destroys microbes without creating toxic action to its host (us) ... seems to be effective against the flesh eating virus - MRSA as well as bird flu and SARS. WARNING - use the correct dosage as too much Colloidal Silver can cause blood poisoning and create cancer.


5.) Echinacea - kills viruses like the common cold and flu.  Enhances the immune system and destroys dangerous bacteria which cause MRSA (I like ensure herbal by Zand as it includes several other herbs for a potent blend).


6/7) Lemon & Honey - cuts a sore throat completely. Is considered to be a natural antibiotic for the flu and cold season. Topically honey - especially Manuka Raw Honey kills a wide range of pathogens including MRSA.


8.) Turmeric - aids the immune system, helps arthritic pain as it helps to shrink synovial fluid within the joint which causes pain - remember with joint pain - you still need to cut out a variety of foods including nightshade veggies, alcohol, dairy, red meat, citrus fruit.


9/10.) Papaya enzyme and Activated Charcoal help upset stomach, gas, food poisoning and  digestive disorders  ... with correct diet and a little help as your body heals with these two ingredients - you can throw away your pharmaceutical pills.

I have been using these types of remedies for years and giving my clients these easy fixes and they work. Remember if you have to take an antibiotic, take it for bacterial only, NEVER take an antibiotic for a viral issue as it WILL make it worse as the antibiotic is incapable of penetrating the cell wall and therefore cannot kill the virus, just your good gut flora. 

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